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Hoop 5 is for Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy for their children (at times heavenly children for sanctuary).  You must be a member of hoop 2, in order for your children to attend our Hoop 5 educational system as all children know their four sacred rainbow colors or directions. (For example my rainbow colors are crystal, yellow, green and gray. Each living organism seen or unseen has four rainbow colors.) Adults must start in Hoop 4 (listening and learning about the hoops, blue road, talking heart and soul, sharing dreams and receiving sacred song blessings) and earn their way through participation into Hoop 3 (networking, walking with intelligence, giving on the red road) before invited to Hoop 2 (warrior training, walking talking greatness).  Hoop 1 is for elders who bow and return back to the community at large to assist the children of the rainbow. 

Rainbow Clan, Grandmother Comfort in the Wind and Grandfather Holy Spirit, heads this program with children from the hoop 5 (children from hoop 2 warriors and hoop 1 elders). To get your children started, please enter hoop 4, by starting with yourself. We need parents who are willing to care.

Your children are always welcome to send their stories and questions to, where an Elder will respond.

Thank you,
your devoted servant,
white Buffalo Calf Woman your Twin Deer Mother
elder crystal child

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Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

To join Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy on the HOOPs
Offer Prayer and Bow

4. Blue Road (heart and soul)
(lots of email, this is receiving on the hoops)

 3. Red Road (mind and flesh)
(invited additional email, this is giving on the hoops)

2. Yellow Road (to and fro, open doors, journey)
walking talking
(warriors in training, this is sharing on the hoops)

 1. White Road (new shores, star returns)
branch that bows
(elders email, this is bowing on the hoops)

5. Sanctuary Space
the Rainbow Clan
(dreaming for the youth, to continue the great mighty Rainbow Clan on the hoops)

Stepping Stone Group

sharing towards the hoops
nothing required and we share 
(little email compared to the hoops)

Please visit this page to understand purpose of spiritual development on the hoops, with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy.