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Relatives of the Rainbow,

And that would be YOU. And learning about what this means, the many buffalo running together. The word buffalo is representative of light and it's four sacred directions (each being hold four rainbow colors). These are the children of light, the Rainbow Clan. We belong to this Oneness and it's Great Dreaming. 

The world is changing and so are we. Learning to adapt to our new found awareness can be a learning process of spiritual development. We say, that we are entering the third phase of evolution, the yellow rolling hill in time (2013 summer solstice, will be the time of silence, like between an inhalation and exhalation, quiet before the shifting galactic winds). 

Phase One: World is born 
  • blue road, lower heavenly, receiving, echo of the song, heart
Phase Two: Man's Colors were born
  • red road, earthly, giving, rainbow colors, intelligence
Phase Three: Man's integration of sound and color 
  • yellow road, heaven and earth, to and fro waves a flow
Phase Four: Man's Glorious Sound will expound 
  • white road, upper heavenly, bowing down, bending down, to pick up a child in need, sing your song, get along, find comfort in the wind

Many are concerned about Winter Solstice 2012. This will be the end of our times as we know it to bee, our great dream we shared (seen). Now as renegades, our fathers and forefathers are looking to walk into the valley of darkness, to shed light from within (unseen), for the children of the dawning.

As we integrate the unseen of the heavenly with the seen of the earthly, bringing together this integration, is about trusting our senses. And many of us deny our abilities and lose our powers of Greatness, not understanding how to achieve spiritual awareness. It's about fitness these days, no longer physical fitness, but spiritual fitness. These awareness of our collective dreaming, sets the time for great change. Those who learn to adapt to the change, will be fruitful. Each era has an attribute. Each time has it's cause. Each revelation shines to be humans, the stars from heaven who bind (together) like doves (peacefully).  

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, provide a safe place for children (hoop 5) to share their stories on the Hoops of the Universe! We have six groups, Stepping Stone, Hoop 4 (blue), hoop 3 (red), hoop 2 (yellow), hoop 1 (white) and for collective Rainbow Clan and online village for the children, is called Hoop 5 (Rainbow Clan, all together now).  We support "Sanctuary" in an Online and Community Setting. 

The fight is about bringing two broken hearts together. We bless, purify and walk towards each other to resolve soul issues and learn how to forgive each other. Once our hearts are united again we are able to share our intellectual thoughts. We do not fight about who is right or wrong. We fight to bring the impure cleansed, through blessings (I bless the sacred nine directions with fire and/or water). We demand it. Cleansing our hearts is the LAW of LOVE. And it's not easy to dew or cling to. It's a struggle and one must be willing to care about another, love them, including the stranger who is your brother or sister of the Rainbow. Prevention is the answer to spiritual development. Teaching our children how to purify space, to walk towards those with broken hearts whether seen or unseen, will help create warriors of the rainbow. 

Developing Spiritual Skills of wisdom is needed for the Dawning of Evolution around the World. Hoop 5 children are teaching us, about what it means to receive great knowledge from heaven. We hope you have questions and are eager to learn about the changing times and how to fight for love. It's the new law, LOVE. 

We bow down for all our Relatives. 
Gifted by Elders at Alightfromwithin.Org

Grandfather Holy Spirit, elder white/star child
Grandmother Comfort in the Wind, elder gray child
White Buffalo Calf Woman, elder crystal child
Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, elder lavender child