Education Style

Relatives of the Rainbow Clan,
the beloved children of God's Oneness,

Parents and children welcome. Educators, especially those interested in Indigo and Crystal children have come to the right place. Please refer to terminology of rainbow colors on this page

Children are given their four rainbow colors and their greatness is encouraged right from the start. Hoop 5 is free education for children of the Rainbow.  Parents and Educators must be willing to participate to enroll child in program. This is an online village that offers children a place to explore the world, like scientists, they already are. We support their needs, while they produce works that support evolutionary change occurring all over the world today.  Spiritual and Warrior training is part of the over all curriculum. And story sharing is deemed the highest quality. 

To review visit Hoops Inspire (navigation link), in which a system already developed has expanded and is explored. There is only one law and it's love.  Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy and Elders come together to guide, our young teachers to their fullest potential. And how to protect one's space, physical and spiritual.  This alleviates lessons that are quickly rolled over to become treasures.

To learn more about the hoops, visit  Also we promote spirituality, which includes religion and color of people from around the world. Toleration is only a stepping stone to true compassion.  And daily prayers are gifted to the children as role models to serve others in times of need.  Children are also encouraged to speak from their religious and ethnic point of view, as well as their Rainbow Color.  Since law of love contains all matter of subjects. Anything which is not founded in loving manners will find a warrior who will fight to know this quality. We promote the Physical Spiritual Warrior. In other words, the physical warrior who needs training into becoming a spiritual warrior. 

All is based on the four roads and colors, we all share as One World, together. Please visit four roads, to learn more about this subject. Links provided below and in the navigation links on this page. 

Formulation of all probability is based on the mathematical perfection of the singularity. We know it to be LOVE.  This is based on Rainbow Colors as well as light and dark space emerging united. We no longer consider light good and dark evil, but rather impure and pure.  Light and Dark are impure when it's not been blessed. Light and Dark are pure, with blessings.  These principles guide us to understand evolution and it's scientific findings. 

Our spiritual life is changing and it's a great evolutionary shift that is occurring around the world. Prophecy is alive and making itself known.
We are preparing our children  for this new "dawning" of mankind towards brotherhood. 

Grandmother Comfort in the Wind and Grandfather Holy Spirit head this hoop 5 for sanctuary space for our children. White Buffalo Calf Woman (Lakota), Holiness David Running Eagle (Star of David) and other Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy will be a guests to answer questions kids may have periodically.  We will also have invited guests with children's request, however the main purpose is to expose the abilities innate in our children to blossom. Promote and encourage the natural world of heaven upon earth.

Thank you for visiting us,
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy and Elders on the Hoops
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Let us all cross over that red river that flows each day, all that suffering, we need let go and learn to play. God is here, oh so near. God is here, to feel the greatness of each cheer. God is here, to hold my hand. God is near to help me take a stand. There will be a day, when everyone, will eliminate shame. There will only be stories where every one will gain. Listen hear, tell the story clear.  Listen here, stop a moment and feel the cheer.  Listen near, my soul is waiting for you. We are going over that bridge to the place that is true. White Buffalo Calf Woman sings

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, providing a safe place for children to share their stories on the Hoops!

We support "Sanctuary" in an Online and Community Setting.
Developing Spiritual Skills needed for the Dawning of Evolution around the World.

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