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Elders of the Rainbow Clan 

Welcomes the 

Beloved Children of God's Oneness!

Hoop 5 Sanctuary for Children and Parents on the Hoops

Head Mother, gray child, Elder
"Grandmother Comfort in the Wind" <>
Water of the heavenly spirit embraces

Head Master, rainbow child, (Comic Mother)
"Wisdom River Shines our Steamboat that Kneads" 
(No contact.  Access hoop 5 only through Rainbow Clan, Sanctuary Space)
Fire of rainbow colors streams

"Holiness David Running Eagle", lavender child, Elder <>
Holy Man

"Twin Deer Mother", crystal child, Elder 
Sacred Woman

Administration: Elder <>

Gifted by Alightfromwithin.Org Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Angel Services Around the World

Providing Hoops for those who are returning home to the "Dawning" of mankind