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Around the World with 
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Open for all. -- A google online group 
  • "Stepping Stone" Indigo Crystal Children Adults 
  • Outside the Hoops. 
  • Learning about Rainbow Colors and Sacred Ways

Please Enter Hoops with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy 
Visit! Those who can bow and offer a prayer, may enter the Hoops.
Love is the Law, hate is not allowed, instead validation is used for all points of view to be shared in the Oneness or Sacred Circle. Sharing begins in our hearts! Visions, dreams, shifting on the four roads, prayers, blessings, evolution, even education about the Rainbow Clan (four rainbow colors) and much, much more!

Blue Hoop 4 
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy 
  • begin participation to receive and share with the HOOPS
  • blue road, receiving, sound and it's path of the echo, validation and story telling, visions and dreams and rainbow colors
  • rss feed, open to view and emails are public
Red Hoop 3 
White Buffalo Calf Woman (walk, Sioux, west) 
  • invitation only from hoop 4 (into hoop 3) by any hoop 2 member
  • red road, giving, color and it's path, praise 
  • learning to dream with conflict around us
  • rss feed, open to view and all emails public

Blue Hoop 3 
House of the Beloved (talk, Jew, east) 
  • Elders and Jews
  • Private, only devoted who can bow to the Oneness
  • Study of the Ark of the Covenant
  • Invitation only from elders

Yellow Hoop 2 
  • invitation from hoop 3 (into hoop 2) by any hoop 1 member
  • private offline group 
  • yellow road, to and fro between the blue and red, awake dreaming
  • create solutions within the nuclear structure of family
  • law of love skills and tools utilized in daily living
  • conflict resolution and warrior training
  • becoming a child

White Hoop 1 
Active-indigos (Elders)
  • invitation from hoop 2 by all Elders
  • private offline group 
  • create solutions within the community at large, world wide
  • law of love abilities and tools of power including the heavenly languages and songs shared for all the rainbow children
  • bowing to the next generation
  • teachers and helpers, such is guidance (Torah means guidance for life!)
  • doors always open

Hoop 5 
Rainbow Clan (online google group)

gathering around the world, please visit